Gardens of the Hotel Es Moli-Deia-Majorca


The Country House Hotel with charm Es Moli, in Deia (Majorca) boasts more than 14.000 square meters of terraced gardens with quiet corners to read, stroll or simply to dream in.

Thanks to the special microclimate, the typical Mediterranean plants and trees such as palms, orange and lemon trees, grow luxuriantly, as do the water lilies in the pond, the bamboo canes and the ancient olive trees, each and every one unique.

Dracaena Drago (LATIN)/ Drago (ESP)/Dragon tree (ING)/ Drachen-Palme (ALE)

    Dracaena Drago (LATIN)     Dragon tree

Olea Europea(LATIN)/ Olivo (ESP)/ Olive Tree (ING)/Olivenbaum (ALE)

     Olea Europea (LATIN)           Olive Tree


                 Tila (LATIN)                  Lime Tree

Magnolia Grandifora (LATIN) Magnolia


The Country House Hotel with charm Es Moli, in Deia (Majorca), invites you to discover the natural beauty that surrounds you.

The majority of the plants in the garden are identified in Castilian and Latin with a plaque. We have a leaflet available listing 33 plants with their corresponding names in Latin, Spanish, English and German.

Other plants that can be found in our gardens include:

·         Abelia Floribunda/ Mexican Abelia

·         Agapanthus Africanus/  Agapanthus

·         Araucaria/ Monkey Puzzle

·         Buxus Sempervirens/ Box

·         Cercis Siliquastrum/ Judas tree

·         Cicas Revoluta/ Japanese Sago palm

·         Cordyline Indivisa/ Broadleaf cabbage tree

·         Datura/ Jimson weed

·         Dyospiros Kaki/ Persimmon

·         Eriobotrya Japónica/ Medlar tree


The Country House Hotel with charm Es Moli, in Deia (Majorca) also has two Majorcan Donkeys, an endangered species. You can find them on the mountain next to our Restaurant Ca´n Quet and sometimes the braying of Llamp (Thunderbolt) and Lluna (Moon) can be heard from the Hotel. The presence of these animals helps prevent forest fires. By feeding on the shrubs, they keep the land at Ca'n Quet clear, thus avoiding the risk of fire during the hot, dry summers.

Jaume with Llamp and Lluna – The Country House Hotel with charm Es Moli-Deia-Majorca