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History of the Hotel

The first 500 years of Es Moli in Deia (Majorca)

Joan Masroig, acquired in April 1459 the farmhouse Es Molí near Deiá, a poor village on the West coast of the Island of Majorca, with difficult access. In 1695 Es Molí was the fifth biggest property in Deiá. But Deiá continued to be a poor village and even owners of small estates took on work as labourers during the growing season. In 1835 Es Molí became the most important asset of the municipality and comprised of two big estates, Es Molí and Son Rullan des Molí, three little plots of land El Pujol, Can Borràs and Can Maneu, four rustic houses, two town houses, three “almazaras” (old olive press) and a flour mill, a total of nearly half a million square metres of land. The Masroig des Molí family maintained their united wealth until the end of the XIX Century. Many families moved to Palma, but the Masroig des Molí remained in Deiá. More info...